For all of our budget conscious guests, we’ve come up with a menu of home cooked flavor with a wallet-friendly price. The menu changes every week, so make sure you check often!

Bavarian Pretzel Sticks - $4.99
Three jumbo size Bavarian-style pretzels with beer cheese dipping sauce.

Veal Parmesan Sandwich
Breaded veal cutlet topped with spaghetti sauce and melted mozzarella. Served on ciabatta bread.

Roast Beef & Cheddar
Thinly sliced roast beef topped with melted cheddar and horsey sauce on a brioche bun. Served with a cup of soup.


A perfect blend of macaroni pasta, ground beef, tomato, onion, green pepper and spices. Topped with melted cheddar jack cheese and served with vegetable, a cup of soup and garlic bread.

Hawaiian Quesadilla
Tender chunks of chicken, chorizo, diced pineapple and cheddar cheese sauce folded in a grilled tortilla. Served with ranch dipping sauce.


2 pc. Cod Basket - $8.99
Wild-caught Atlantic cod filets lightly battered and cooked to a golden brown, served with french fries and cole slaw.

Whitefish Sandwich - $8.99
Battered and fried Lake Superior whitefish topped with tartar sauce, served on a brioche bun.

Battered Lake Perch - $10.99
Beer battered lake perch filets, fried to golden brown. Served with french fries and cole slaw.